13 Dec 2015

And Then, Mixed Weather....

As those talks in Paris, regarding adjusting the weather to save the planet, are over it was interesting to note today, during our fifty mile round drive to there and back, the amount of weather we experienced.

We kicked off with a frost-laden car under a dark leaden grey sky but after a couple or few miles the sun was out and about and there was no hint of frost on the surroundings. A slack handful of miles more and the sun had gone and a wintery drizzle was falling. A heartbeat further and we ran into thick fog requiring car lights to be ablaze.

We arrived at our destination in watery, wintery sun. It was also unseasonably warm. Upon departing, we were once again minus sun and plus a light rain and shivering in close to zero temperatures. 

We proceeded towards home via an alternative route and encountered similar contrasts in weather conditions over short periods of travel eventually arriving home under a leaden sky, so beloved of us Brits, with light drizzle and a hint of snow.
And these climate nutters are going to control world temperatures by a half a degree or so?

As an interesting by-the-by, during this circuitous journey we passed, or could see, a huge number of wind turbines. Not a one was moving. Not one. Zero movement. Nothing.

Quote;  A quote for those who believe they can control the climate;
            George R. R. Martin.

“Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.”

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