19 Oct 2015

And Then, Still Not Listening….

I see Dave's talking without thinking again. He's proposing that if parents are worried their offspring are displaying signs of running away to lands far away and doing very naughty things, they can apply to have said offspring's passports cancelled.

Dave, remember when you were at that posh school? Shouldn't be too hard, it wasn't that long ago. Remember when you were naughty and got caught? Remember how you got a jolly good telling off and some sort of punishment? Something like not being allowed to go into the village for a couple of weekends. Remember? Remember how you were, like, so totally inflamed and vowed the masters wouldn't win so off you went to be doubly naughty? Remember?

Now comes the tough bit Dave as it involves thinking.  Put yourself, with your vast knowledge of the workings of the world and the human mind, into the shoes of a kid wot's gone bad and has visions of running away and doing naughty stuff then finds he can't as his passport's been blocked.

Dave, remember how inflamed you got when you were told you'd been naughty and couldn't go into the village? Now think, I know, how utterly inflamed the already 'constantly offended' will be. In their place, thinking back to your school days,  wouldn't you just go yet further nuts and, to show you who's the boss, do bad stuff anyway, but right here?

And what about the kid wot just pretends to be bad? As bad as needed to keep up with his bestest bad buddies but won't join in with any really naughty stuff much to the disappointment of his bad daddy? Will his bad daddy tell him that the horrible government has cancelled his passport thus inflaming him into deciding to go ahead and do bad stuff with his bad buddies anyway? Right here?

Dave, how hard can it be? It's been mentioned before and you didn't listen so you won't now as I'm not a 'celebrity' cook talking about a sugary drink tax , but if they're so obviously naughty, let 'em go and then do your passport cancelling thingy. They can then feel completely free to become just as inflamed as they wish.

Talking of villages earlier, you remember the extremely old tale of the elderly Lord who awoke one evening and called for his man servant who, upon entering His Lordships bed chamber and noticing the obvious tenting in the bedclothes,  said, "Ah, I see Milord. Shall I call her Ladyship?"
"No, no." Responds His Elderly Lordliness, "Jus' fetch me baggy trousers an' I'll sneak this one into the village."

Quote;  Dave Barry.

“To enter Europe, you must have a valid passport with a photograph of yourself in which you look like you're being booked on charges of soliciting sheep.”


A K Haart said...

Ha ha - that's good.

Mac said...

A K Haart,
Yup, the old ones are the best ones. Sometimes.