2 Sep 2015

And Then, Screw It….

A few evenings ago I was sat sitting reading when I heard the unmistakable sound of someone racking the slide of a pump action shotgun. Looking up at the TV it turned out, surprisingly, to be an advert. The advert was for a pump action screwdriver of all things. I believe these things have been around for a long time but to show the power of advertising, my head said straight away, "Neeeeed one!" And one I done did get. Less than a tenner with five day free delivery. It arrived next day…

Not the one below, but you get the idea. I would happily link to the site I got him from but it was last week and I have no idea now. Happily, it doesn't require batteries or Windows 10.


For general DIY sort of stuff, stuff like take it out, make it tight, take it down or put it up it's spot on and it's nice to pump the one tool through to find the perfect drive head. So, for general stuff it's good but how it'll stand up to full battle mode jobs I'm not too sure.

A plus side to the pump action driver I discovered on day two when the door bell rang and, peering out the window, I spied a person who gave all the appearance of being one of they annoying loft insulation talking and selling fellows. I thought, 'I wonder…'

I whizzed, as only the old can whizz, to the kitchen where the driver was still sitting, grabbed him and headed to the door. Holding the beast very close to the door I pumped it right sharp and shouted, "Who is it and what do you want!" and was gratified to hear the scampering of the fellows feet as he beat a retreat down the path.

So there you go, a sales person scared off by a shout and a pump action screwdriver. You believe that? Really? You do?

In other news I see Dave Cummerbund has demonstrated his grasp of the refugee situation by stating that the UK taking more is not the answer. The answer, he says, is to 'bring peace and stability to the Middle East.' He said this, on TV, with a straight face. Dave, please check out this old joke{?} from way back in June.  Just keep changing names to keep it current.

Quote;  Joan Larsen.

“A good quotation gets out the mental screwdriver and adjusts the setscrew”

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