31 Aug 2015

And Then It's Gone….

I came down this morning, proceeded to the kitchen and hit the 'on' button for the transfusion machine, otherwise known as a coffee maker, and while waiting for the first cup, the first of many, I popped through and started the desktop computer.

Coffee to hand I sat at the computer and marvelled, again, at the wonder that's Windows 10 and the fact that  I can click on a little picture and fire-up a word processor. Pretty much the same as I could in Windows 1; or even MS-DOS. Remember typing instructions at the command prompt in MS-DOS? How irritatingly time consuming was that then? It did work all the same. And, as long as the word processor or spread sheet opened, nobody gave a damn what was under the hood did they?

Now, one click and you have the worlds news right on your monitor. But, one must always be thinking, is this the true news or is it just  someone's version of the news? A little like looking at the world through a condensation saturated stained-glass window.

Anyhoo, while sitting drinking coffee and drinking in the news, my head kicked in and I remembered something of great import that I had to do in the kitchen. Not wanting to forget I leaped to my feet and, the kitchen being only three good strides away as the crow trots, rushed into the kitchen.

The good news is I made it to the kitchen safely and in one piece. The sad news is I stood there with absolutely no idea what I had rushed there for. Not a clue. Well, I'm here so I may as well grab another coffee. That was seven this AM. It's now six of a PM and I still have no idea what was so important and urgent at seven AM. Happily, it obviously didn't have anything to do with preventing the house burning down. Unhappily, I'm sure my memory isn't going to get any better.

I see George, 'Nothing Up My Sleeves' Osborn has promised lots of magical money for the Trident base. This, he states, is to keep us 'free and secure'. My question to George, and others of that ilk, would be to ask what earthly good will nuclear submarines be in fighting those invaders who are, seemingly with the governments blessing, already here, with vast numbers of reinforcements rolling up yearly, who're quite possibly just biding their time before they kick-off. Where will your atomic subs be then George? Out there below the worlds oceans keeping us free and secure?

Quote;  Noël Coward

"I have a memory like an elephant. In fact, elephants often consult me."


Caratacus said...

I can just see Mrs. Osborne's little boy reading your words with increasing vexation. "Now look here, Mr FM - I'm not sure that I care for the cut of your jib" (because he's feeling all nautical having been to the seaside with a few of our many, many admirals and everything), "we all know that Trident is absolutely useless, by-Our-Lady expensive and we can't even make it go bang without Uncle Sam's say-so ... but that's not the point. And anyway it will soon be against the law to cast aspersions upon your gubmint. O Yes".

And people wonder why I keep up my practice with the longbow :-)

Mac said...

So true.
Keep up the longbow practice. Yeomen and longbow-men of old England may well be called upon, again, in a few years time and I'm sure the longbow will prove far more effective for our needs than any nuclear sub.
Possibly consider investing in a short-bow as well. Just to keep under your pillow.