4 Sep 2015

And Then, That's Two….

Anyone out there still waiting for Windows 10? Anyone out there give a damn? If there is and if you do, here's something you may like to try. All I can say is it worked for me and this HP laptop after days, nay weeks of watching failed Windows Update download attempts.

Early doors, after my Windows 7 machine upgraded – now there's a word to play with in regards to computers – on day two of the release of 10, and my 8 dot 1 laptop didn't, and over the ensuing days, in moments of high boredom trying all the tricks mentioned on the Web-a-Net with no success, registry hacks, forcing the download and stuff like that, last night I had a thought. No, really, I did. You stopped laughing yet? I did try the media creation tool way back with two failures; one at 22% and one at 45% or thereabouts.

Okay, back to that thought. I thought that, according to comments all over the place, if there had been so many reported failures it would seem reasonable to think Bill's boys, rather than stand up and be counted, had had a sneaky look at their code, possibly had an 'Oh, oh' moment, slipped in a bit of extra code and kept their lips zipped.

With this in mind I renamed the first download, I think it was to something cunningly cleaver like, First Download, and downloaded it again. Sure enough, the second was the merest hint of a tad bigger. Using a further brainwave, rather than just running the file, I right clicked and ran it as Administrator.

After a total time-out, from start of downloading the media creation tool to looking at a Windows 10 desktop was close to two hours but there I do be. First rattle out the box? Windows Update giving me over a hundred and fifty meg of Windows 10 patch lookin'  thingies.

With any luck this will be the first post, glued together in Windows Live Writer, running under Windows 10. And nothing seems to have changed; I say again, it's an operating system and stuff I work with works just as it did before and all I see in Windows 10 is, if you don't check out all the privacy on and off switches and carefully select 'off', it'll be 'phoning home' at every opportunity.

So why did I bother? The fact it wouldn't load irritated me and became a challenge. How sad is that then?

Quote;  ??

"If at first you don't succeed, call it version 1.0"


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