28 Sep 2015

And Then, A Little More….

First thing this morning, first coffee tasting good, I saw the news, - love the comments - that Dave Cummerbund has upped the anti and 'pledged' a bigger number of millions of our pounds, yes, our pounds, to 'tackle' climate change in third world countries. Thanks Dave and I appreciate that you know far better how to spend my money than I do but that money would go quite some way to fixing many of the third world road surfaces we have right here round my neighbourhood. Silly thought I know.

By the way David, while you're here, did you get my request, running along similar lines, for just a pitiful half million of tax payers money to improve conditions down the bottom of my garden and thus improve life for the fairies who dwell down there? Same idea is it not David?

Here's a thought Dave… no, sorry, I haven't got time right now but one of your aids should, with the help of the Web-a-Net, be able to explain the meaning of 'thought' to you, okay? Here's a thought; let's have one of they referendum doodads on who's a believer and who's not. Then those who believe man is influencing the climate, and also believe man can change the climate, would have their taxes raised by, oh, I don't know, three or five percent? This extra portion would go straight towards 'tackling' that man-made climate changing thingy and those paying the extra tax will have that wonderfully warm fuzzy feeling of helping and of being part of that doing good stuff.

If any of them fall outside the tax paying threshold it could be deducted as a supplemental tax and given a catchy name; something like  Green Tax perhaps?

To complete the referendum circle, the nonbelievers, those who believe man has no influence at all on weather it'll rain tomorrow or not {you spot the cleaver play on words there? No? Oh} would have their taxes reduced by a half of the believers increase. You with me on the maths here Dave? It's a tricky one eh? Dave, it'd work like this; a three percent tax rise for a believer to help their cause would be a one and a half percent tax reduction for a nonbeliever.

Again, anyone falling outside the tax paying threshold could have their personal allowance adjusted upwards. How fair to one and all would all that be then? This idea could be used on so many levels could it not?

Dave, if, in the unlikely event you go ahead with this idea, I would humbly suggest that you keep the tax break for nonbelievers to yourself until after the referendum or you may be disappointed to find that, like yourself, most believers have their limits as to what they should sacrifice for their cause, on a personal level, as opposed to what they believe should be sacrificed for their cause by everyone else.

Quote;  Dave Barry.

"If you asked me to name the three scariest threats facing the human race, I would give the same answer that most people would: nuclear war, global warming and Windows."


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