27 Aug 2015

And Then, Something For Nothing….

Whilst ambling aimlessly round town yesterday, I chanced to see a new e-cigarette outlet so bobbed in for a nosey. Cutting my salutation and preliminary conversation to a minimum, I said, "Morning." This elicited the response, "Morning, what can I do for you?"
I was tempted to use the old response, 'What you can do for me is empty the contents of the cash register into this bag' but felt sure the humour of this had withered on the vine many years ago and I'd end up being banged-up for the holiday weekend.

I purchased some e-liquid, parted with a pair of fives and was somewhat taken aback when the vendor asked if I'd like a free liquid. The reasoning, he said, was to try to get people to buy more of the more exotic flavours. Well done that shop I say, and settled for something I've thought about trying for a while; a mint flavour.

Later, I tried the mint, and? I'll stick to a Polo if I want a mint and stick to the classic tobacco mix for something with a slight resemblance to tobacco when I want to pretend to smoke tobacco.

Whilst in the shop, I passed on many other 'exotic' flavours and certainly hope the place hadn't over stocked on French Onion Soup With A Side Of Garlic Bread or the other one I noticed, which I doubt will ever become a top seller, English Summer Evening Armpit. Only kidding, honest. I'll leave it up to you to decide if I'm kidding about the names or if I tried them or not.

Quote;  George Carlin.

"Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things."

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A K Haart said...

I think you are kidding about the names. It was French Garlic Soup With A Side Of Onion Bread.