11 Aug 2015

And Then Another Crow Blow….

Firstly, please be informed that the eagerly anticipated definitive post regarding 'working' with Windows 10 should be ready for posting tomorrow.

Meanwhile, today, you remember not long ago I had a crow attack? No? Oh. Well, not long ago I had a crow attack when a herd of crows passed through my bountiful crop of cherries and devoured the lot in less than a crow-beat.

After the cherry tree was decimated there's been nary a sight nor sound of those big birds. But now, they be back! And this time they're nibbling on my plumbs. Yea, I know; tell me about it.

As before, whether these be crows or ravens I have no idea and, trust me, it's immaterial when one of those vicious, long pointy beaks is pecking at your plumbs. As previously stated, not being a bird man, how you tell the difference between the two I have no idea as, unlike with weasels and stoats where a weasel is weasely differentiated from a stoat which is stoatally different, crows and ravens seem to be exactly the same to me.

These attacks seems a little less intense than that conducted on the  cherry tree and at the moment are more like they're subtly probing my defences. Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure the tentative pecking at my plumbs will quickly escalate into a full frontal attack in pretty short order. What the hay, let 'em have at it. The shops have a plentiful supply of plumbs and various other vegetables, right? Say what? Other fruits then.

Next year I plan on going back to growing something less tempting to wildlife. Something like battered, ready to deep fry onion rings. They mature safely in the freezer.

Quote;  James D. Doss.

“Needless to say, urgings by ravens are ignored at one's peril.”


Anonymous said...

Without a doubt they will be attacking the song birds you might have noticed disappearing fast, so do your civic duty and shoot the bastards, and while you're at it sort the magpies out too.

One can almost hear the beautiful and now bountiful again songbirds around singing songs of thanks for giving them life again.
Corvids can be killed no problem so long as you do it humanely and for the right reasons, protecting songbirds is justification enough.


Mac said...

Shooting crows may not prove too popular with the neighbours but I am toying with the idea of locking my little nest of vipers outside 'till the plumbs are ready. She likes crows - with a little chilli and rice on the side - and I'm sure they'll sense that and keep well away from the area.
Actually, they're fairly infrequent visitors and the garden is generally full of song birds and all kinds of finches.