9 Aug 2015

And Then, Smile A While….

There can't be a single person, of an oldish age, who isn't constantly amazed at how many folk, of a youngish age, when walking, standing, shopping and even cycling, never look anywhere other than at the phone in the palm of their hands and this cartoon, which was coaxed over here using that cunning copy facility followed by the equally cleaver pasting option, just sums it all up to a 'T' for me. Much more to raise a hearty smile at Nourishing Obscurity so rush over there and enjoy.


I trust you all enjoyed that. Now let your mind hover in that strange state between mellow and depression as you prepare for another week of work. Pardon? Work? No, it wasn't me laughing. Never mind.


The quote below is also a copy jobby from the track YouTube page and was too good to miss.

Quote;  rorymcnamara1.

"They should invest all money everywhere into creating chocolate bars filled with this guys voice."


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