12 Aug 2015

And Then Ten….

It's been about a week now that I've been using Windows 10 on the desktop computer… why did I qualify 'desktop' with the word 'computer'? Windows 10 on the desktop pencil sharpener? Coffee warmer? Shredder? Man, I waste a lot of words.

Where be me? Right. What do I think of Windows 10? As before, it starts right quick so productivity has been greatly improved; yeah, right. Other than that, all I have to say is that all the software that worked under earlier Windows versions still works as and when required. Other than that, again, I'm stuck for anything to say. Seems to me like the same-old-same-old.

Open a text editor, press some letter keys and, assuming you pressed 'em in some sort of order, words appear. Spread sheet? Still does wot it's designed to do. So below is an idiots idea for an operating system.

Please let it be known that I know nothing about computer coding. In fact I'd go as far as saying I know absolutely nothing at all about coding. For sure if I started at zero I'd never get any further than one and thus this may well be the biggest load of rubbish you've come across for a very long time.

Wouldn't you thing that in this day and age, with the wealth of exceptionally cleaver computer coding folk out there, that it'd be possible to develop an operating system that would run anything at all?

Buy a computer, take him home, give him a name if you want, wipe Windows or whatever off him and load the, oh I don't know, the Freestyle Operator? All that will do is give you a screen with the ability to connect with the outside world and an install button. Unlike the big boys, this operator won't have a single bell or whistle included. Anything you want, go find it and install it; and that means absolutely anything from any operating system because the Freestyle Operator, rather than bloated with whistling bells, it's just stuffed with code to accept software written under any and every programing language and has the ability to recognise what's being installed and remember to open it with, say, the Linux language. That calendar you just installed? He knows to run that under the Android operator. Microsoft Office? You want to load Microsoft Office? Oh well; it installed and is internally logged to use the Windows operator. Sound and vision software? He be knowing it's Apple.

I do know there are ways to run different stuff under different systems but, as far as I know, all require yet more stuff on the box, or partitions and dual boot thingies. Why not make it just happen? Android games, Apple photo stuff and so on. All the lucky box owner has to do is find the best of the stuff they want, install stuff and stuff will be guaranteed to run.

From where I'm sitting, how hard can that be if you be cleaver with computer code? Whoa!! Big blue pill time!

Spookily, as I was about to post this, Windows Update appeared and was frozen. I did the click on this an' that thing to fix it and froze the whole laptop. {Still on Windows 8 dot 1} Powered down, re-boot and here I be again. Yo Bill, I'm sorry, okay?

Quote;  Linus Torvalds.

“Talk is cheap. Show me the code.”

            Harold Abelson.

“Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.”


Caratacus said...

Because it seems to be a necessity these days, I use a computer for work ... otherwise the beer tokens tend to dry up you see. So, even in my advanced years, I am able to navigate Excel and e-mail 'n' sich with some degree of nonchalence. But I permit myself the occasional laugh when I see summat on 't' telly where a chap - or chapess in these days of equal wotsits - presses a key and a page INSTANTLY is displayed on the screen. And I don't mean a subdued titter either, Oh No, it's a full hands-on-hips belly laugh like a Cavalier.

When I press the key, there's often time to go and make a brew, feed the dogbloke, check the level remaining in the bottle of Pusser's, and charge the glass with an early evening sharpener before I am permitted to see the results. I rather suspect that Windows 10 (or, indeed, any of its subsequent numerical identities) will not improve matters either. So, round sphericals to the lot of them - Windows 7 was about as good as it was ever going to get, and I use a shell program to imitate that over the W8.1 bolleaux which was foisted on me the last time I had to buy a 'puter. Goodness me, what a reactionary old cynic I have become in my dotage :-)

Mac said...

Dear fellow reactionary old cynic,
I agree some folks seem to use the word ‘instantly’ without fully comprehending the words meaning in relation to computer time.
For a moment, forget my cynical take on 10. If you to allow 10 to install over your 8.1, I do believe you would be moderately pleased as, if you count backwards three times from 10, then 7 is where you’ll be. Even I'm starting to warm to, and use, the 10 enhanced Start button And that’s saying a lot.
Quick change of subject:- You may find this little bit o’ kit useful; Mempad. It runs happily from a USB stick so all your notes, copy & paste stuff go with you from place to place. {Running okay under 10.}

Caratacus said...

Thank you for that, Mac. I am somewhat reassured by your encouraging words ref. W10 and may yet give it a go. I'll have to wait until I've got absolutely every single thing backed up, work spreadsheets all up to date and saved elsewhere, important e-mails likewise preserved (and so forth) and then set aside a day where I can set to with a minimum of interruption ... and also leave aside a couple of hours at the end of the day to put it all back as it was in the possible/probable event of it all going mammaries upwards. O ye of little faith, Caratacus :-)

On a serious note, I am intrigued by just how unreliable modern technology is these days. It's OK if you are "in tune" as it were (step forward anyone under the age of 20), but most of it doesn't work to normal and quite reasonable standards of expectation. I bought a video camera for the truck a while back and the instructions had been translated from the original Chinese into Klingon, then to Esperento via Xhosa and finally to English. I didn't have a bloody chance ... I suspect it may be a wonderful bit of kit, but it holds secrets from me, it doesn't do the same thing twice in a row, it affects innocent surprise that I should expect anything else. It is, in short, female and will henceforth be referred to as *La* Camera.