3 Jul 2015

And Then, A Helping Hand….

A couple of days ago, we were sitting in the garden, in the sun, taking in the heady scents and watching the birds, when it became apparent it was getting warmer and more uncomfortable with every passing minute. It was about then I remembered hearing some mention in the media that we should expect the hottest conditions ever known to man since the last spell of warm weather. Sadly, I'd completely forgotten the instructions as to what to do if we got hot so this remembrance didn't help with our present baking condition. What to do?

It was then I remembered that there was a National Health emergence number to contact in such situations.

I told hot her next to me that I would make a phone call to see what anybody could do for us. She gave me one of her funny looks and shrugged her shoulders in a manner that suggested, 'you joke, right?'.

After a brief call, during which I outlined our plight, I ran back outside and imparted the advice obtained to my little melting viper.
"They said we should move so we're sitting in shade!! No, really, get in the shade. And drinking lots of cold water would be good and will help no end!! Oh, and if there's no shade in the garden we should go inside and keep the windows open!! How cleaver is all that then?"
She levelled me with yet another look; this one suggesting she was checking if I was really real, or not, and said, "We pay for this?"
"Don't be silly, of course we don't. It's the National Health thingy. Oh, wait a minute…"

All I can say is, isn't it great that in this fine, grown-up country of ours, whatever befalls us, great or small, there's always someone out there ready and more than willing to hold our hands and pat us on the head.

Quote;  P. J. O'Rourke.

“…being specific is the essence of law-making and the whole difference between having a Congress and having a mom.”

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