6 Jul 2015

And Then, Bitten By IT….

Where have I been? I've been bitten by technology is where I've been. It was one of those inexplicable happenings we've all been subjected to I'm sure. There I was, admiring my just installed semi-transparent desktop calendar and the success of importing entries from elsewhere when I got the spooky sensation I was no longer online.

I shouted at myself and was more than happy and relieved when I shouted back at the precise moment her along the sofa shouted out in shock thus confirming to myself and me that I was, indeed, still online. Upon further investigation, I discovered it was just the laptop that was offline.

Using all my investigative skills, I further discovered that no network connections could be found as network discovery was disabled. Thought me to I, when, in the last minute, did I disable that then? To that question, I have no answer.

Did I do the simple thing and go to Network Settings? You're kidding, right? No; this, my friends, is when my in-built urge to quickly press buttons, any buttons, without engaging my brain, kicked in and took over and I dived right into restore mode. Not only that but my high speed clicking had the beast restoring before I took note and selected a recent restore point to restore from. Damn! That took care of that evening as all I got were those annoying 'Almost done' – 'Just a little longer' messages that bear absolutely no resemblance to the use of the words 'almost' and 'little' as used in the real world.

Eventually it all came to an end and I was presented with nothing but a black screen that no amount of left or right clicking could shift. What to do? I turned him off, counted slowly to one and turned him back on and, viola! The beast is right back to where it was when I took him out o' the box eighteen months or so ago! No, not really, although I wouldn't have been surprised. Annoyed, yes; surprised, no. As it was, it all turned out to be perfect. Perfect is computer speak for, 'it's working okay for now'.

Quote;  Douglas Adams.

“I really didn't foresee the Internet. But then, neither did the computer industry. Not that that tells us very much of course-the computer industry didn't even foresee that the century was going to end.”

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