10 Jun 2015

And Then A Suggestion….

I see that young Cummerbund has been doing that talking before thinking thing he's seems so proficient at, again. Seems it was quite some time before he engaged his brain, or his 'advisors' engaged theirs for him, and, by the sounds of things, even that didn't work out all that well. But, luckily, there was precious little criticism of it all outside the Blogging community that I saw or heard. Is the truth out there?

EU Referendum? IN it is then as that's all I've heard and seen. Not a hint, outside Blog-land, of the OUT side. Not a sniff and I've said it before and I'll say it again, those who read the OUT Blogs are, in the majority, confirmed OUT'ers already.

If, by any remote chance, an OUT Blogger passes this way, may I make a humble suggestion? Why don't you OUT Bloggers get together, elect an editor and put together a monthly{?} newsletter? A newsletter to counter the IN propaganda given out through that period with simple to understand facts, NO big complicated words; just written in the ever popular 'simple'.  Hell, use cartoons if you think it'll help. Don't be shy, OUT aren't.

Then what? Put it or your Blogs? Of course, but, and this is the kicker, through your posts, see how many of your thousands of 'converted' readers, scattered round the country, would be willing to print the newsletter and sacrifice a little of their time shoving them through letterboxes, or make a further small monetary sacrifice, and get 'em delivered, thus reaching those who wouldn't know a Blog if it bit 'em on the behind and, more importantly, probably reach some of those, 'I haven't a clue what it's all about' fellows and give them something to think about, talk about and pass-on when down the pub or whatever.

From little acorns, understandable facts could quickly spread.

Quote;  Buster Guru.

"Never, ever, EVER give up! Unless there's something good on TV."

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