7 Jun 2015

And Then Feathery Gymnastics….

Whilst in the kitchen yesterday evening preparing myself a nose-bag of culinary excellence I was reminded of that old CV so I'll  pause here for a moment as you may remember this line from the best CV I've ever seen,
I have made extraordinary four course meals using only some vegetables and a Breville Toaster.
My culinary extravaganza? The continuation of my  search for the perfect deep fried potato wedge.

While I waited for the fryer to toot the time, I glanced out the window and chanced to see a small bird taking a drink at our water feature. For 'water feature' picture if you would, a really, really big flower pot in wot I cemented up the drainage holes, piled in soil, glued in some water lilies and toped it all off with gravel. After the first year, when no lilies made a showing, I added water as well. I'm guessing the clue's in the name.

Where was I? Right here I guess. Oh, got it! On the lip of the water feature was a small, many coloured bird taking a drink. As they do.

This fellow sipped then, much to my surprise, fell backwards off the pot. Damn! We're off to the vets again when, just short of hitting the deck, this little guy started that wing flapping thing and flew back up. So what? Upside-down is wot. He got to the top and flew right round the pot picking stuff I assume lives there right under the pot roll top. All done, flying and hovering, upside-down. He went twice round like that then flipped himself right side up and zoomed off.

I was captivated but then the fryer tooted and I was able to indulge in wedges and deep fried scampi. Owing to all the alarming stuff one's bombarded with regarding 'healthy' eating as opposed to what we like, I also had a side salad.

Any benefits obtained from this salad were soon nullified by a more than generous helping of chocolate fudge cake floating serenely on a sea of double cream.

Beats the hell out of flying upside-down eating bugs.

Quote;  Ransom Riggs.

“I didn't know you could fry toast," I remarked, to which Kev replied that there wasn't a food he was aware of that couldn't be improved by frying.”

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