2 Jun 2015

And Then A Simple Idea….

In respect to that EUSSR IN or OUT or shake-it-all-about vote we may get sometime before the end of time, I mentioned the other day how the 'stay as we are. With the possible exception of, some time soon, loosing the Pound', seems to have the upper hand and the OUT fellows aren't communicating with folk like me. Dumb folk. Being dumb, I have a cunning plan that would get the OUT idea noticed out there in 'average world' and, who knows, result in a majority vote for OUT.

This idea fermented following the reading of this post by A K Haart; it involves lying.

Forget all those economic, trading, sovereignty and democracy do-dads; those that have an interest and understanding of that stuff have already made their minds up and will not be swayed. However, all those arguments are flying over the heads of the majority of voters; those who's votes need to be won. If you're involved in running or Blogging in support of OUT, you're talking to the OUT people and what you need to do is take a walk. Have you seen the average voting majority you need to 'win over' wandering round your main streets or shopping down at Asda? How many of 'em do you reckon could explain democracy to you? Get my drift?

We need the spokesperson for the OUT campaign to relentlessly hammer home the 'fact' that the consequences of remaining IN will be the cancellation of all further episodes of Strictly Come Dancing, Britain's Got Talent, The X Factor and Big Brother.

However, if you vote OUT and we leave and stand on our own two feet, we guarantee the BBC News Channel will become the 24/7 rolling Strictly and Talent Channel with Sky News being taken down and used as a 24/7 rolling platform for the other shows. It'll also screen, all morning and afternoon, The Jeremy Kyle Show. But that's only common sense. In addition to the aforementioned programs, any remaining empty slots will be filled with celebrities getting out of places or cooking.

All lies? Of course, but lies are totally acceptable in this day and age and even if the lie is so brazenly obviously a lie, the liar will never be at risk of any retribution  or ever be held accountable to anyone for the lies. And those being lied to will so much want to believe the obvious lie that they'll latch on to the lie 'till they believe it's a lie no more.

With the BBC employing 'reporters' that can come out with things like, "We've talken to many people……" as just heard on the BBC news, pushing the above idea/lie should be a walken in the parken. Obviously a no smoking park….

Quote;  H. L. Mencken.

“There are two kinds of Europeans: The smart ones, and those who stayed behind.”

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