3 Jun 2015

And Then An Almost Forgotten One….

Several days ago I read, and for that read, 'red', and noted with little interest that Tony Blair had quit as Middle East Peace Envoy. How'd that work out for ya Tony? At least he didn't have the neck to come out with anything along the lines of, "I'm going home. My job here is done."

Anyhoo, this stirred a vague memory of something from years ago that had sunk to the bottom, almost without trace, of the dark grey goo that now passes as my brain.

I awoke this morning and it became obvious the Memory Lifeguards had been busy all night and had rescued and resuscitated the half drowned old tale.

I left the relative safety of my bed and, after a quick Google, just to relax myself you understand, I searched through that Inter-Web thingy and lo and behold, there it wuz! I've edited it so it relates somewhat to the present.

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, here-in-after called Tony, was walking along a beach by the Red Sea one day ruminating on the abject failure of his peace mission and also where the next mill may come from, when he stubbed his toe on something in the sand.

Bending down, he sees it’s the top of a bottle and he proceeds to dig the bottle up. Then, while brushing sand off the bottle, a genie suddenly appears before him.

"Thank you." Says the genie. "I’ve been trapped in that bottle for hundreds of years and you've set me free and I now have the power to grant you one wish."

Tony thinks and finally pulls a map of the middle east out of his pocket and says, "I’ve been trying, with no success, to bring peace to the middle east. Please let there be peace in this area and for those countries and peoples to live together in perfect harmony."

The genie looks at the map and scratches his head. "You know, all those people have been at each others throats for thousands of years. I think you’re asking for something that's impossible to achieve; even for a genie. Is there  something else I can grant for you?"

Tony closes his eyes and thinks hard and long and finally says, “I’m presently not very popular with the majority of folk back home so could you please make everyone look up to me and respect and admire both myself and my good lady wife Cherie?”

The genie closes his eyes and thinks hard and short about this then says, "Tell you what. Let me see that map again.”

So there you have it. The original{?} related to Mr Clinton but this edited version seems to fit the bill. Oh dear me.
It's here.

Quote;  John Lennon.

"If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace."

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