17 Jun 2015

And Then, A Breath Of Fresh Air….

You obviously remember I got one of these little dealy-bobs and promised a further post after I'd rum him for a while and I'm betting you've been on the edge of your seats, watching time crawl by, repeatedly checking ol' Foggy waiting for a detailed post regarding wot he be like.

Hello? Damn!! Okay, I'll just practice typing to me then; and thank me for staying. Hay! Am I just resting my eyes then?

In a word? It seems to work. Glad to see I'm awake now and I'm right; that's four words. Well spotted me! That may give me some indication of the technical quality, or lack thereof, I can expect in the following review. In a word, nil. See? I got that bit right.

Anything I say below may give the impression that, prior to trying this bit o' kit, we were two smelly folk living in a smelly, dirty house. Trust me, this was/is not the case and the following is just my findings from before and after.

As previously stated, it took about twenty four hours for the 'new' smell to dissipate and thereafter, there is little to no odour and the slight odour there is, is quite pleasant. It's silent running as there's no fan or other motors involved. Also, no filters to replace just metal plates to wipe clean every so often. We run him through the night, turning him on a couple or three hours before we turn in. We run him on high for this period then on low through the night.

And? Her indoors hint of hay fever stuffy-type symptoms are gone and the room feels fresher upon waking. Okay, for 'feel' you could substitute, 'that slept-in smell'.

Will this fellow replace your hoover and dusters? Well, this old house will collect a patina of dust over all surfaces through the course of very few days which would become easily visible in less than a week from cleaning. This despite wood floors throughout and the only carpet being on the stairs which may, of course, be the dusty reason – no carpet to 'soak the dust up'?

Now? I can honestly say that, after two weeks, surfaces are just starting to produce minute traces of dust to the touch but not yet visible obvious to the naked eye. That boring dusting jobby may well be out to about three week intervals rather than a sub weekly chore.

So would I recommend you rush out and get an air purifier? Not my place to do that but what I will say is I did done went and got another of the same for the sitting room. Or lounge or whatever you call that room with a sofa and a TV in it.

After extended sofa surfing during periods of foul weather, upon leaving the room and re-entering, there's now no sign of that stuffy, stale, overused sort of smell. It also seems to keep right on top of, and eliminate, cooking smells. I hasten to add that I enjoy the smell of cooking but when my little nest of vipers decides to cook one of her local dishes, translated into English, road-kill and rice, the smell, dependant upon the mysterious ingredients involved, would gag a maggot.

In conclusion, it/they do seem to work. For us.

If I was counting, this would be classed as the second use of the word 'conclusion' and this conclusion is on a completely different topic to the first. Here's yet another lovely comment, from I forget where, relating to that referendum thingy:

Posted June 16

Unfortunately, the UK print and broadcast media, is not the place to learn anything about the EU or economics or finance.  But, the print media will decide the outcome of the EU referendum.  Unless, Coronation Street runs an “IN” story line for several weeks before the event and EastEnders runs an “OUT” storyline resulting in mass confusion.

Quote;  Dan Quayle.

"It isn't pollution that's harming the environment. It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it."

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