14 Jun 2015

And Then, Let's Move South….

With the rising tide of people running away from Africa and seeking a home in Europe, and by definition, the UK,  and many folk expressing concern that this is basically leading to population displacement/replacement, I have a cunning plan.

Let's stop all the whining and whinging and get a grip people. Why don't we just select an African country and let 'em all in; even send help with transport so's they can skip the risky sinky boaty bitty in the middle of their trip. However, and this is the cleaver bit, as they come, we go.

Twenty thousand sleepy lagoons imported from there to here to equal twenty thousand of ol' whitey  exported from here to there. Over a relatively short period of time ol' whitey will be re-located down south the way with our survival and empire building instincts kicking-in big time.

First boat out should be loaded-out with entrepreneurs,  engineers, builders, farmers fishermen, drillers and miners just to kick-start the grand adventure and to draw up plans for the countries infrastructure. Roads would be a low priority as they will most likely be in better shape than the roads we'll be leaving behind. Also a contingency of the Royal Corps of Engineers to assist the RN guys get the docks up to snuff and the RAF guys upgrading the airports, the faster to export and import the two populations. Or import and export if you're still over here waiting your turn to go.

Is the entire indigenous population of this island welcome to our new home? You're kidding, right? This is a one-off; a new start building a country from the ground-up so we need to be a tad selective with who we can best live without.

Those  NOT required on voyage would be, but not be limited to, the following:
Bedwetting timidadians and puritanians, politicians and councillors of all political persuasions, bureaucrats, any and all charity and quango employers/employees, telesales people, all teachers from primary right through to university level, lawyers and members of the judiciary, Robert Peston and Ant and Dec.  The Royal family? We'll give them the choice but if they come, they'll have to build their own homes using their own money and their own hands. And content themselves with just appearing on stamps and nothing more.

Seems to me it could be a win-win situation. Blank canvas, new start, full employment as we build our new country and industries, natural reserves in abundance to be exploited, used and exported and a new industrial base based on the future. And the weather? It's guaranteed to be better than that wot we get up here.

Say what? You'd like to go but you'd miss your fox hunting? Trust me, there'll be stuff down there for you to hunt but,  unlike fox hunting, if you get it wrong you'll quickly discover you've become the hunted. Sorry? You're not up for that sort of challenge? You're not up for that sort of trip then.

Of course, any of the original population who can make music like this will be welcome to stay. But that's only common sense. Hay!! Before you go, try this one.  Is that 'feel good' or wot! I could happily chill-out in those guys company after an eighteen hour day country building. With a twelve pack of course; but that's just yet more common sense. 

Quote;  Haitian Proverb.

“Do not insult the mother alligator until after you have crossed the river.”


Caratacus said...

Like all great ideas (and this is most certainly one) a little research reveals that this has already been tried; with considerable success in the medium term. It was called Rhodesia and a fine place it was too. I gather that things aren't quite what they were, however, and that some misguided people have taken the place back to its previous state of primitive destitution. *sigh* all things pass ...

Mac said...

This is a very good point. I guess you'd need to 'go for gold' and not stop halfway along the displacement/replacement road.