19 Jun 2015

And Then, I'm Confused….

Mr David Cummerbund, the man who is becoming more like the boy who could start an argument in an empty car-park with every passing utterance, has stated that those of the persuasion of the perpetually offended must do more to prevent some other members of said persuasion of the perpetually offended from becoming radicalized, whatever that  means, and running off to Syria. So far so pointless.

But wait!! It gets ever more pointless! What does the cheeky little rascal say next? We, and by that I'm guessing he really means us of the persuasion of the never asked, are going to allow more 'refugees' to come here from Syria.

Dave, I'm guessing you didn't spend a whole hell of a lot of time thinking that one through. If you had lad, you may have realised that your message to us is that you want to stop some folk here from getting radicalised and exporting themselves over there but at the same time you want to import other fellows from over there to here, some of  whom will, no doubt, be full of tales of daring-do adventures of war and guns and fighting. Is that the 'plan' young lad? If so, I'm truly lost. Any chance you could get on TV sometime soon and explain your long game to us Dave?

Quote;  J. Richard Singleton.

“Los Angeles is a city made up of refugees from better cities.”


Caratacus said...

To be fair to Mrs. Cameron's little boy, he probably hasn't received his latest instructions yet; it is, after all, less than a week since the Masters' meeting in Telfs-Buchen - they're probably still hammering out the final details of what the politicians will be instructed and/or allowed to say. No wonder the poor lad's a bit confused ...

Mac said...

This is true.
"...a bit confused..." Do you get the feeling young Commerbund would get confused in a cube with only one door?