12 Apr 2015

And Then, Promises, Promises….

Do you get the feeling that the election campaigning has descended into farce with, most obviously, the main two gangs just attempting to outdo the daily announcements of each other? It seems to be mainly revolving round health with none of them seeming to grasp the fact that, however much money is thrown at it, it will never catch up, never mind keep pace, with the ballooning population. Same with housing and schools. Ditto public transport. Ditt, with an 'o' again, all infrastructure. Of course, they don't have any money of their own anyway and once they've used all ours, there's only magical mystery money left.

"Well, we promise a load more magic money for the NHS."
"Well, we'll promise a shed load more magic money than that for the NHS."
"Well, we'll promise that every lady having a baby will
have their very own midwife. No, really."
"Well, we'll promise two sheds bursting with magic money to the NHS."
"Well, we're going to build lots of houses."
"Well, we plan to build more houses than that. Then lots more as well. We think."
"Well, we're going to tax non-doms 'till they've all gone away.
Or are thinking about going away."
"Well, we're committed to thinking about getting tough on non-doms AND tax dodgers. Whatever they are."
"Well, we're going to re-negotiate our relationship with the EU so we can all live in a wondrous Eu-topia."
"Well, we're committed to thinking about renegotiations and then letting the common people have a vote on it and I can confirm today that I have a team of specialist code writers working on the ballet paper questions which will be written in something very loosely based on the English language." 
"Well, I think we should, and by golly, will, tax big houses."
"Well, no ifs, no buts, we're going to allow dead people to keep
their big houses."
"Well……  Whoa!! Say what now?"

Daily, on and on it goes and all coming from people you'd expect to be aware that the country's bust.

I'm wondering what bearing the above has on that other popular phrase, you know, the one about the countries strong economic recovery.

Even I, as dumb and as thick as I be, with a brain that resembles the thickest part of a very thick thicket, can see that these supposedly jolly intelligent folk are just doing that “O yeah?” thingy you and I used to do to each other, as kids, when at junior school. All to be forgotten after playtime. All to be forgotten after the election.

Then you step outside on a crystal clear night and look up into the incomprehensible vastness of space and quickly come to the conclusion  that nothing, absolutely nothing on this minute speck of dust we call home really matters at all.

Well, I think that's what I think. I think.

Quote;  Chuck Palahniuk.

“In a world where vows are worthless. Where making a pledge means nothing. Where promises are made to be broken, it would be nice to see words come back into power.”

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