9 Mar 2015

And Then Some Tubes….

While rooting around the dimly lit corners of an old portable hard-drive over the weekend I came across a couple of videos I glued together a good few years ago as the interval part of a work related project and thought, okay, I'll release them into the wild of that YouTube thingy and thus sent them packing. 

The first is Johnny Cash set to various slides of various unhappy maritime events and, back in the day, I've been close, thankfully only close, to ending up in similar situations bearing in mind it's hard to sink a wooden ship…..

The second one now running around out there relates to heavy weather. {Global warming isn't mentioned, I promise.}The exciting thing about this offering is the soundtrack. Guess wot? Remember the Acid post? Well, this is another example of what a dumbo like me can do with Acid Express.

Go on! Try it! It's just the thing to play with during those rare times when there's nothing worth watching on TV. Pardon? Yeah, I know, and I'm guessing Beethoven could've knocked out something quite satisfactory just during an advert break on some channels.

Lastly, I love this proper clip. Well done Sky News. Brilliant!

Quote;  Steve Martin.

"Talking about music is like dancing about architecture."

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