12 Mar 2015

And Then, A Lucky Place….

A lovely sunny day yesterday so we went for a drive round the country side. We took high roads and low roads, through some wonderful scenery, finally ending up, far away, in a small town which we decided to call our eating, wander-round, as it's many a long year since we've been there, and turning point for home place.

After eating, good, we had a slow meander, surprisingly on foot, round the town.
"I need a post office." She suddenly stated.
"Okay. Look! There's one over there. What do you need?"
"I buy lottery ticket. This lucky town."
"Right. Did I miss the sign saying we were in a lucky town?"
"No sign but people look happy, so lucky town."
"Right. Me? All I've noticed is nobody looks younger than seventy and very few of 'em seem to have less than one dog. They all do seem to be smiling a lot all the same."

On reflecting back to nose bag time, the eatery did, indeed, seem to be full of groups of elderly folk all enjoying many a hearty laugh. So much so it made our table of two, as happy as we were, seem positively dour.

As a by-the-by, in the eatery, a far from fancy establishment, we where asked by a member of the young staff, "Sir, madam, is everything to your satisfaction?" which was such a refreshing change from the usual, "Hi guys! Everything, like, okay then?"

I also spotted three old men sitting on a bench outside an antique shop, chatting, laughing and sharing nips from a hip flask and thought, how much more Last Of The Summer Wine and can you possibly get?

A final observation was the total lack of anyone, I mean anyone, walking with their head bent down gazing at a palm-sized screen. Or even with one pressed to the side of their heads, phone-like. How amazing is that then?

Anyhoo, ticket duly bought, and one for me – just in case -  we meandered our way home, driving this time, and, to all you folk wot live in Pickering, North Yorkshire, stay happy as my little nest of vipers has, quite possibly rightly, surmised you live in a happy place.
{Question: Do you fine folk make the place happy or does the place make you fine folk happy?}

In other news, plain packaging will soon be mandatory for a product that can only be sold to grown-ups and has to be kept completely out of sight behind closed shutters. Sounds like a common sense plan to me and should finally stop all those pesky kids screaming at their mums that they DON'T WANT a tube of brightly coloured, sugar-coated, chocolate Smarties but a twenty pack of those thingies wot are in the red and blue box featuring pictures of dead and rotting bits. And a lighter.  Also, let's not forget wot Dave said not too many years ago, "The era of big, bossy, state interference, top-down lever pulling is coming to an end."  Amen to that then…

Quote;  Ralph Waldo Emerson.

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”

             Mark Twain.

“Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination.”

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