6 Mar 2015

And Then, A Tad More Engineering….

Thank you for the comment Caratacus. I love it. So much, in fact, I've taken the liberty of putting it up front and centre and I hope you don't mind. If you do mind, sorry, it's a tad too late mate!!

There's something you see in proper grown-up blogs all the time and I've always wanted to say/type it and today's my chance so here I go;

Please find below a guest post by Caratacus.

   I visited a Skill Centre many years ago - these were factory-like environments where the unemployed were encouraged to believe that with a few weeks training they would be able to compete with time-served apprentices for jobs in engineering. One of the instructors was a lugubrious chap and would gaze at the motley assortment of hopefuls with a less than enthusiastic air. He showed me a cartoon he had drawn - displaying a degree of artistic skill which would have stood him in rather good stead if ever he chose to change his vocation. It portrayed a slovenly youth in a shapeless boilersuit, hair this way and that, spots giving a splash of colour to an otherwise pasty countenance and a protruding upper lip giving shelter to a rack of appalling teeth. He was saying, "Six munce ago, I coont even spil injineer - and now I are one!"
   They must still be out there - maintaining the machines that power the industry of this fair land.

Note from the editor - If the cartoon is to be up-dated, in the interest of modernity, the youths comments should now contain no less than three instances of 'like' and two of 'innit'.

To end I feel compelled to include another old cartoon;


Quote;  Donald P. Coduto.

"The most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing."



Caratacus said...

Once again slightly humbled that you should think my inane burblings worthy of a wider audience :-)

Your cartoon was doing the rounds years ago when I was at British Gas HQ being hauled over the coals for pointing out - correctly - that one of their 'specialist management teams' was about to lose them an inordinate amount of money. It accurately summarised what was going on and they weren't the least bit amused when I slid a few copies across the boardroom desk to illustrate the point. No sense of humour, some people :-)

Mac said...

My pleasure Sir.
Yup, I’ve had many similar experiences. I guess he put-you-down is a defence mechanism to hide their squirming as they think along the lines of, “Damn! I missed that and It’s my job to see that stuff coming!” Or, “Damn! I should’ve thought of that so why didn’t I think of that?”
To quote the old saying, again; the bottom’s full of wonderful people. Only cream and arse holes rise.