28 Mar 2015

And Then Open All Hours….

David, David, David a truly seven day NHS? Excuse me if I'm wrong, but I thought Accident and Emergency was a twenty four seven thingy already and that, if needed in an emergency, a van-bulance could be called any time. That leaves what? Local surgeries open all hours? Knife work to continue on weekends? I feel it'll take more than tinkering to fix things young lad.

Eventually you're going to have to address the problem of that elephant cluttering up your conservatory.

Think about it Dave, an NHS 'service' apparently creaking under the weight of numbers seeking access right now aint going to self-heal over the next five years. In fact, if you continue with your cunning plan to cut immigration, especially non EU immigration, to the extent you've managed to increase it so far, then we can expect that, in five years, the NHS will have, at a minimum, a further two and a half million free members occasionally{?} looking for assistance. And that doesn't take into account the new comers exponentially accelerating invasion by womb.

You got a plan for education an' other stuff like that as well Dave? Dave? Hello?

To leave on an extremely old ambulance laugh, don't you DARE click this if you don't countenance naughty words, you're in any way easily offended or a devout Timidadian.

Quote;  Max Frisch.

“We asked for workers. We got people instead.”

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