27 Mar 2015

And Then A Brief Meeting….

While my little nest of vipers was having an exciting time browsing the shelves of a discount store, although why browsing should require the pushing of a shopping trolley while towing another I'm not sure, there being no colanders on offer, I bailed out and took a walk to an old friends place of business just down the road.

Talk meandered along and in a very brief space of time we'd covered the essentials of the day, moved on to recent dental experiences and from there Big A moved on to football while I nodded politely and looked out the window.

The conversation then turned to music and Big A asked what my to five desert island discs would be. Me? Rather than discs I'd go for a well stocked b….. what? bar? Oh for heavens sake! A boat!! A well stocked boat, okay? However, on reflection……

I do believe my choice may well be amongst those tracks wot are over there on the left.

Big A stated he'd go for old classic rock numbers and favours gentle intros leading to soaring mid bits and onwards. Spookily, such a classic track does reside over there but lets put it right down here. Big A, headphones on and enjoy some soar-away guitar work.


Have yourself a great weekend Big A. Everyone, have a great weekend.

Quote;  Sarah Orne Jewett.

"Yes'm, old friends is always best, 'less you can catch a new one that's fit to make an old one out of."

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