28 Feb 2015

And Then More Phone….

I forgot to mention last night that the new phones will also act as an intercom. This will prove very useful when her indoors is upstairs doing some cleaning, or taking a nap after doing some cleaning, or decorating, or washing her hair, or showering and I'm downstairs needing a coffee made. What?

Please remember I was a toughie, roughie roughneck way into the days when tough and rough were dropped in favour of task and risk followed by assessment and I vaguely remember how to risk asses – honestly, could you ever forget how to do something as fascinatingly useless as that then?

Thus I review the hazards and risks involved with the making of a cup of coffee. In a nut shell, making a coffee entails a combination of electrickery - bad, boiling water - bad, and heavy kettle lifting - bad, right? So, if you do a mental task risk assessment and things don't work out absolutely one hundred percent plus safe for yourself what to do? Get someone else to do it is what you do.

As my daddy once told me; when it was his turn to give baby me a bath, to check the water temperature, he'd put me in and if I turned red and screamed it was, for sure, too damn hot for his elbow.

Quote;  Neil Gaiman.

“If you dare nothing, then when the day is over, nothing is all you will have gained.”

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