27 Feb 2015

And Then Some Fun….

Remember the fun I had with the Skype and landline phones? Well, I finally threw in the towel when the handset would not end a call. I tried the ol' roll-back to an earlier version of Skype but Microsoft have gone all Micro-hard and will no longer countenance the use of earlier versions.

So with the towel thrown in and bullets bitten I got new phones.

What did I get? After reading many reviews, always a confusing mistake, which ranged between stating the product was rubbish all the way to them being the best thing since Ally Bell woke one morning and said to himself, 'What to do today; what to do…', I done did go ahead and get a set of those RTX 4088 jobbies.

And? And so far so good. Two handsets with charger stands and a base station. The base station is just little bigger than a pack of cigarettes and surprisingly light. Plug the base station into the modem-router, the landline and power and that's it. JD.


The big plus over the old Phillips phones is you don't need to turn on the PC to use them as your chosen Skype account, hers as she calls family and friends far, far, far away regularly, is right there on the phone. Choose a contact, or punch in a number then simply choose to call via Skype-out or over landline. Skype to Skype is obviously also available.

Power down the router and you still, obviously again, have a landline.

Any downside? The rechargeable batteries provided were probably knitted together in a shade five workshop down some Bangladeshi back ally and, despite showing fully charged, died seconds after lifting the handset out of the charger, so I got new, named brand batteries. All tickety-boo at this time.

In other news I see that whatsisname, Jedi Jimmy, is just a misunderstood, normal, fun-loving fellow. His idea of fun sure doesn't jive with any sane persons idea of fun but, as long as he isn't hurting any…… Oh.

And the young ladies who've 'run away from home' as reported by our media ad nauseam? It has to be confusing to the easily confusable to be told by the media that we should show some sympathy as they're only sixteen year old children wot have been radicalised and brainwashed; only to be told later, sometimes in the very same news bulletin, that sixteen year olds are all grownup, know what they're doing and thus should be classed as adults and allowed to vote.

It's a funny old world. Strike that! It's a sad old world.

Quote;  Ritu Ghatourey.

"I'm like an iPhone; I just lose energy without doing anything."

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