3 Mar 2015

And Then, Chips For All….

Coincidentally to my new found addiction to deep fried potato wedges – did I mentioned deep fried?** – last night, purely by accident, I clicked onto a site of utter wonderment which, if you do likewise, will lead you to an entirely new view on the humble chip. He was never really humble to me, more like a staple. You may feel differently although this site could sway your take on chips.

There are enough ideas there to keep me going for several days. Click on 'Image Source' – really! - for preparation instructions. Really.

Say what now? I should bookmark that site? You have got to be kidding!! It's now my homepage! And let me tell ya'll, it's a far nicer way to start the day than Google News UK, okay?

**On some packs of wedges, just below the technical section  detailing the actual contents of the packaging and the nutritional value  – really –, in the instruction section, you may note these things should be oven baked. I deep fry as an extra dosing of oil and fat makes 'em just perfect. There's also no health problem now as fat is 'in' and good and something else is now 'out' and bad. Not sure what's out, but it's probably something that was in last year.

Quote;  Leonard Nimoy.

"I think it's my adventure, my trip, my journey, and I guess my attitude is, let the chips fall where they may."

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