31 Jan 2015

And Then They Teach….

Last night I was doing that whatchamacallit, TV channel surfing in a desperate attempt to find something, anything, worth watching while my little nest of vipers was in the kitchen rearranging her collection of stainless steel colanders. To cut to the end of this post, I found nothing. Nothing at all.

However, while clicking along in ever increasing desperation, I accidently stopped at that BBC channel three thingy. A big bar at the bottom of the screen helpfully informed me I'd stopped at a program entitled Tough Young Teachers which seemed to be some sort of documentary.

As I frantically tried to move away from this I fumbled the buttons and had time to hear one of the tough young lady teachers call out to her unruly class of, oh I don't know, twelve plus year olds, "Right you lot, listen at me……." She said what now? Listen AT me? Yup, that's what she said. She said 'listen at me'.

I finally got my fingers and the TV remote coordinated and clicked onwards to the the next channel of banality thinking quietly to myself, there being nobody else about at the time to think quietly with, how, like, sad that was and how sad squared it'd be if she was, like,  an English teacher, innit.

Quote;  Kurt Vonnegut.

"True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country."

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