17 Dec 2014

And Then, Be Jolly, Damn It….

As a compliment to A K Haart’s post, this is an urgent message to all of you out there who may have somehow managed to miss the message that Christmas is coming. I’m addressing those of you who, despite the best efforts of the media and marketing moguls who’ve been informing us of this fact every fifteen minutes since the beginning of October, are not yet of a jolly disposition. Remember, it’s your duty to show your jollity.

So come on people!! Get with the program!! To get festively jolly you need to get your money spent, be it real or pretend, right now!! Pardon? No, no, it doesn’t really matter what you buy; just make that money gone. That’s the important bit and will help with your advancement towards total jollification.

Sorry? You have everything so need some help with regards what to buy? You must be jolly well joking.

Take you folk over there, there’s four of you but I can only see six tablet computers! Come on! For heavens sake, get real! Get out there and buy another two or three! And It’d be so easy to cram another plasma TV and a chair in that cupboard under the stairs, right?  How about those nine smartphones. Looks to me like at least two of ‘em are over three months old. Whoa!! You have phones that old? How embarrassing must that be then? Can’t you see you need new ones? Of course you can, so just do it and be jolly quick about it!! And that’s just for starters.

Look, we’re well into the festive quarter of the year and thus should jolly well be fully jolly by now, okay? One more time; it’s your patriotic duty to be all out o’ money, in debt and jolly.


{Thanks for the card Sis. I see that face
every morning
when I shave.}

Quote;  Garrison Keillor.

“A lovely thing about Christmas is that it's compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together.”


A K Haart said...

Thanks for the link. Your post also gives me an idea.

A K Haart said...

Why not leave more than one comment?

Mac said...

The link? My pleasure Sir.
"Why not leave more than one comment?" Errrrr... you did.