19 Oct 2014

And Then, Stone Me….

A little over a couple of weeks ago, we got the garden ready for winter. Remember? No? Not to worry. Anyhoo, the recent post relating to shopping triggered an explosion of neurons in my swede – okay a very low energy sort of ‘pop’.

Wot came after the small pop? The beginning of everything?Not quite, but with the shopping thingy an’ all the baskets and trollies involved I remembered that while doing the garden I found, with my left big toe, a large stone that looked like it’d been scratched on. I didn’t pay it any great attention and dumped it round by my multiple trash bins.

Today, Having had my mind popping moment which triggered a shopping trolley recollection, I went down behind the shed, where the multiple trash bins are hidden, to take another look at the chunk o’ rock.

The markings did look strangely familiar but I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I’m sure it’s of no consequence or import.

I did, however, take a photo of said stone before breaking it up with a heavy hammer and dumping the bits in a bag in a bin. {I may be going to gaol later in the week as it’s probably the wrong bin.}


Hay, it was just a stone with strange weathering marks, right? Whatever, it’s in bits in a bag in a bin now so we can all move on……

Okay, okay, It’s an old one but people who’ve been through the Mirror before will know that what it lacks in originality, it more than makes up for that lack with……. er, with….. I’ll get back to you on that one.

Quote;  Terry Pratchett.

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”

             Robert Orben.

“In prehistoric times, mankind often had only two choices in crisis situations: fight or flee. In modern times, humor offers us a third alternative; fight, flee - or laugh.”

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