18 Oct 2014

And Then A Hobby….

My little nest of vipers has a new hobby. You’re probably thinking, good for her. Sadly, this hobby includes me and my ever thinning wallet as wot she gone and done is discover those pound stores. Okay so far as there truly is a bunch of stuff in there that’ll save you money but let me present an example of her hobby relating to a pound store.

Three days ago we were mooching round a pound store as we wanted ordinary household bleach but what she spotted was a stainless-steel, small sized colander.
”Look! Look! Only a pound and if you buy two you get another one free!!” With mounting excitement she placed three stainless-steel colanders in the shopping basket.
”We’ve got one.” was all I could muster at that moment.
”That’s a big one – this be small for small things.”
”Won’t small stuff fit in the big one then?” I asked, getting into the swing of things.
”Not as nice as it will fit in this small one. This will save water as well!” she countered.
”These small ones. The word is ‘These’ not ‘this’. You’re getting three. Oh, and see the holes? They let the water run through. Water doesn’t stay inside, remember?”
”Okay, theees small ones. ” said with a hint of uncertainty.
”That’s as close as it’s going to get I guess. Anyway, we need three? I mean, really, three? I’m betting a small city centre noodle eatery doesn’t have three small colanders – stainless-steel or plastic.”
”If I break one I will have spare ones.”
”You’re going to break a stainless-steel colander? I definitely need to be there when you manage that!  I know I’ll be wasting my time here, but why not just get one if having a small colander is suddenly so important?”
“Why, when If I get two I get a free one. What is problem?” She asked – puzzled.
”Well, the long term storage of two while waiting for you to break one springs to mind.” I replied with a smug smile. 
“I’ll throw the old big one away then.”
”The old one? Two points become semi-obvious to me. The big one, as old as he be, isn’t broken – and never will be by the way, and what happens when you need to colanderize something big?”
”You stupid? Who knows when big one may break. And If I have something big to put in, I will have two and one free small ones to spread it over.” An ear to ear grin accompanied this statement. I could have continued but by this time they were impatiently waiting to close the store.

Outwardly, I sighed resignedly as we and our stainless-steel colanders jangly jogged to the check-out. I was, however, smiling

Heading home with our bountiful collection of stainless-steel colanders, we realized that in ‘our’ three for two pounds excitement, we’d forgotten the bleach.

On the up-side{?} we are now the proud owners of three small and one large colanders, the large one which, through good design and only ever being used for its intended purpose, has survived, totally undamaged, for countless years.

Thus, she got her ‘bargain’. As, indeed, did I. For where-else could I get similar entertainment such as that for just two pounds?

At time of typing, no colanders have been used……

Quote; Kin Hubbard.

“Bargain... anything a customer thinks a store is losing money on.”


A K Haart said...

I'm struggling to think of a use for two spare small colanders. Catching wasps with both hands?

Mac said...

That should work and the 'coming together' noise would be pretty impressive! I was considering replacing my tin-foil hat with the large one.