12 Sep 2014

And Then A Naughty Word….

Okay, that’s the outside bit of where I live snuffed up and squared away for the inclement weather season so I’m sat sitting here with the ol’ laptop on my, yup, you guessed it, lap.

I noted the other day that young Dave Cummerbund took a trip to Scotland and it was widely reported that, to sound like he’s one of the boys, used the ‘ef’ word. This, as reported by the Daily Mash, confused the locals no end.

Dave, don’t be shy; it’s just a few perfectly normal letters arranged to be what’s been decreed to be a naughty word. A word that seems to be getting less naughty and more widely used with every passing day.

Anyhoo, with Dave being all risqué an’ all, my brain took one of those time travel thingies it does from time to time and I remembered what was quite possibly the first attachment I received via e-mail.

I well remember the excitement upon receiving my first attachment and the two weeks or so figuring out what to do with it to make it open. This was a long time ago.

Guess what? It’s still out there and so I thought I’d link to it to give Dave a little insight into the ‘ef’ word he’s now obviously been emboldened to bandy about.

This is a really big Foggy warning; are you a Timidadian? Click ye not; for verily ye will feel ill for a fortnight!!

Okay, it’s an old one but it still works.

Quote;  James Rozoff. 

“Vulgarity is like a fine wine: it should only be uncorked on a special occasion, and then only shared with the right group of people.”

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