7 Sep 2014

And Then We Have A Winner….

With the help of Anonymous I went on a voyage of adventure and discovery through the  InterWebs in search of the flower I featured yesterday and I’m delighted to announce we have a winner.

It’s a Polianthes Tuberosa which is exactly what I told her it was. Okay, okay; I made that last bit up.

I quote from this site;

Tuberoses will make you believe in magic! The nectar and scent are said to be magical to those who experience it. Put the bulbs along the edge of the garden, along the patio, or in containers where the late summer fragrance is sure to enchant. The foliage is sparse making them ideal for inter-planting among other perennials.

My little nest of vipers now wants a whole heck of a lot more of ‘em owing to the use of the word ‘magic’ in the above description. I, although a reluctant gardener, have to admit the scent this sucker gives off is jolly nice although I’m still waiting for the magic thingy to kick in.

Anonymous? We salute you - and the wonder of the Web. Now that’s close to magic to an old man.

Quote;  Winifred Watson.

“’Odd’, said Miss Pettigrew conversationally, 'the undermining effect of flowers on a woman's common sense’.”


Caratacus said...

Speaking of jolly nice scents, I must give honourable mention to Azara dentata.

Years ago I had the great good fortune to work in a zoo as the big cat keeper. Also on my section were other animals described variously as dangerous, or a bit of a beggar and these included the Himalayan Black bears and - not to beat about the proverbial - they stank to high heaven on a warm day; but for two glorious weeks towards the end of April and the beginning of May, a large bush broke forth into a glorious profusion immediately opposite their quarters and even their noisome BO was swamped by the most heavenly scent. On two occasions since I have snuck back to that bush and taken unlawful cuttings, both of which have failed to prosper. Such is the reward of misdemeanour ...

Mac said...

Thanks for that. I’m glad to see your story ends, as all such stories should, pointing out that ‘crime’ should not be seen to pay.
Regarding the bush, the up-side would be more scent in the garden. The down-side is I’m guessing I’d need to dig a hole to plant one.
If I do go ahead, and to maximise the release of the scent, how close to the bush would you recommend I keep the bear?

Caratacus said...

About four and a half thousand miles ESE ... approx. :-)

Mac said...

Thanks for the clarification. I feel a tad more confident in going ahead now and will be on the lookout for one. Bush that is, not bear.