3 Sep 2014

And Then It Was Thus….

This afternoon, at 15:45, it became apparent that my post of yesterday, and the snippet of advice contained therein, has been totally ignored by those at the top.

There I was reading a bit of Telegraph, on the Web, when a big box flashed up full of words. I read the words, digested them, which wasn’t too hard as they seemed to be in quite good order, and then I gave up all hope. The Telegraph message? “SAS may attempt to rescue the British hostage says Philip Hammond”.

What Mr Hamfisted actually said was along the lines that he couldn’t discuss specifics, cool, but we probably will be having a go, un-cool. Not quite the same as the flashing Telegraph give-away box but close enough for jazz.

How much dumber can these people get? I’m guessing this hasn’t actually improved the chance of an SAS success. I also doubt it’s improved the hostages morale much either.

To end on a positive note, our politicians did an awful lot of talking today and agreed to go away, at close of play, and think about everything they’d talked about and will meet again, in a week, to talk about what they’d been thinking about regarding what they’d talked about  today. Some pretty impressive progress there then and I’m sure this’ll be giving the guys with the guns serious pause for thought, right?

Quote;  Alexander McCall Smith

“It is sometimes easier to be happy if you don't know everything.”

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