19 Sep 2014

And So It’s Over. Stop Press – And Out….

That’s the voting bit over and it’s resulted in some winners and some losers. I’ll wager, over time, there’ll be more losers than winners but that’s for far more cleaverer people than wot I be to figure out. On top of all that, Ally Sammy’s going but boy David’s staying. Meantime.

Dave, you remember that meeting you had with your young pals the other day? When you talked about what promises you could pretend to make? And that old guy at the back told you all to be careful or you could open a can of worms? And you all giggled? Guess what? Not only did you open the can, you’ve lost the lid; and will you take a look at the size of that can of wrigglies. Is that ever a doozy of a can! Even if you’re lucky enough to find the lid, trust me, you kids ain’t never going to get it back on the can.

Yet another lesson learned eh Dave? Most people would make complicated promises right close to the beginning of a campaign then a whole huge chunk of folk would have forgotten all about them come the end, whatever the outcome. What do you go and do? Make monumental promises two days before the end. Nobody’s going to forget ‘em Dave. In fact it’s all that most folk will remember from the whole sorry affair. Aint that a bummer.

Remember Dave, as you start your hand-wringing, worm-like wriggling and squirming, it was a cast-iron promise and, as you well know young lad, promises must be kept, right Dave? Dave? Hay!! Dave!! Where you be gone to now buddy?

And so to a sad song for the losers from a Scottish band from way back.   No, relax, it’s not The Krankies. However, if you’re a fan this is Fan-Dabi-Dozi.  Man, I need a drink……

Quote;  Giuseppe Prezzolini.

“Representative government is artifice, a political myth, designed to conceal from the masses the dominance of a self-selected, self-perpetuating, and self-serving traditional ruling class.”

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