21 Jun 2014

And Then, What A Mess….

That was a day that was. Yesterday and a finish off today that is. Man, I made mess through the various projects. All is now good and I was about to go into recovery mode when I remembered; it’s World Cup time!

Now, I’m no great footy fan but, hay, it’s the World Cup! So come on you England!!  Pardon? They’re what now? You must be wrong. By my reckoning they’ve only played two games, right? They what? Lost ‘em both you say? Oh boy. And they lost the second game to who? Uruguay? Oh boy. Squared.

And the combined worth of the team’s what? Three hundred and sixty some million is it? Pretty average value for money there then don’t you think? Oh boy. Cubed. In spades.

Never mind the footy, according to the news, reported  repeatedly, it seems some of our home-grown, away-on-loan gymhadists are coping somewhat better in their endeavours in foreign lands……

Quote;  Clinton Morrison.

"I'd been ill and hadn't trained for a week, and I'd been out of the team for three weeks before that, so I wasn't sharp. I got cramp before half-time as well. But I'm not one to make excuses."

             Ian Wright.

“I don’t want Rooney to leave these shores but if he does, I think he’ll go abroad.”

             Bill Shankly.

"Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that."


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