19 Jun 2014

And Then A Rest….

That’s it; it’s all done; I’m done. I’m done in. Tomorrow is a clean up and put away sort o’ day then the weekend will be spent getting  reacquainted  with my bestest buddy, the sofa. And sleep; as and when she beckons. I aint doin’ nuffink, okay?

Therefore, I’ll leave you with a bit o’ blues.
A VERY BIG BUT FRIENDLY FOGGY WARNING -  In the off-chance  a Timidadian or two pass-by I feel obliged to give this baby a Foggy warning of Defcon 5 – possibly 6 if there is one - as this sucker ticks every politically incorrect box there could possibly be – and, I’m guessing, a few yet to be listed. Raunchy dancing and very naughty words, including that ol’  ‘N’ word, spookily used by an ‘N’, and lots of people drinking a lot and lots of people smoking a lot. All-in-all, a lot of people having a jolly good time. How double dare they!! Didn’t any of them get the memo? Fun became taboo a long time ago.

Oh! And there are some pretty mean guitar sounding bits along the way as well. Samuel L. Jackson eh? Well, there you go then.

Quote;  Bruce Springsteen.

“Some of the greatest blues music is some of the darkest music you've ever heard.”

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