27 Jun 2014

And Then I Noticed That Bit….

While in recovery mode, after the weeks, or was it months, of back-breaking solo projects, most days starting as early as nine thirty and many days working right through, with no tea breaks, ‘till as late as two thirty in the afternoon with only a couple of hours for lunch, I eased my body off the sofa and went on a walk about to survey my handy work.

As I wandered around I chanced to look up. Oh boy, that hurt! But wait! Look up there again – while standing still – look! How did I miss that? No, that bit up there. Way up there. You see that now? That’s impossible to miss. Nobody could miss that. Having  said that, I missed that. Or ignored that at the time as it’s also really, really hard to get at that bit. And that’s the bit I missed. Sad, as I was up there doing that other bit, so why didn’t I do that bit then then? Never mind, that’s it that is. That means the tool shed that’s outside needs moving inside again so’s I can fix that. By ‘that’ I mean that that I missed while doing that project thingy. Now that’s a bummer, that is.

It’s not that it’s a big job, it’s just that it’s close to inaccessible. Sadly, not so inaccessible that I can ignore it on the grounds that it’s inaccessible as I’ve already been up there.
{Note to self; need to patch that bunch of teeth marks on that other bit up there as well.}

To add to that feeling of misery, that little nest of vipers of mine is due to fly in on Monday. On the plus side, once she’s landed, I’ll have a big broom to aid with the second clean-up.

So that’s why I dropped in. That’s that then; bu-by sofa for now.  I wish no ill to anyone but I really hope it’s also raining on some other suckers parade. I also promise not to use that ‘that’ word again for a long time. That okay with you? You’re probably thinking, ‘Oh yes! That it is.’
That’s, like, a deal then, innit.

As a by-the-by, it’s interesting to note that as every nut job on the planet leaves the relative obscurity of the back-burners and moves steadily towards those hot suckers at the front, one of the leading news items here has been that we should drink water with a meal and not fruit juice. Water? Fruit juice? Have these equally dangerous health nut jobs never heard of alcohol? Give me a break. And a double.

Quote;  Edwin Land.

“Don't undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible.”

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