5 May 2014

And Then A Vape Post….

I’m late with this but here it is now.

The vaping equipment, as I said earlier, was spot-on. But then, about five or so days in, after the first couple of draws the taste turned quickly ghastly – it was a very hot, bitter taste of burning plastic or rubber.

What to do?

First thing was to reduce the voltage; hay, I’m a boy with a toy, right? And if any toy has settings of low, medium and high, show me the boy who’s going to start on the low setting.

Never mind. It didn’t work.

Was the little wick lookin’ coil thingy burned out already? No idea but a change was done and for several uses, all was cool. But then……

What to do?

Waaaaiit a wicky minute!!  There’s a little rubbery lookin skirted grommet pushed down almost covering the wicky thingies! I’m guessing this little beauty is part of the packaging to keep the wicks safe, right? How dumb am I then!! I pulled that sucker off and all systems were back to 100% plus – yes, plus, even better than that very first go!

However, let’s search around  and confirm it was ‘packaging’. Oh, oh. It’s not packaging then. Looks like it’s required to prevent liquid getting into the airline which, on closer inspection, is pretty obvious. How dumb am I then!! Although I have to say I never did get that problem whilst not using the grommet.

What to do?

Put the grommet back but…. But let’s try some southern engineering here and put him back upside-down. Did it work? Damn straight it did! Perfect operation.

Okay, let’s do a double check on ol’ Mr Grommet. I did a Google for him but my initial search criteria of, ‘Should my wick be protected by a grommet skirt’ produced some rather strange results and not at all what I was lookin’ for. Although I may pop back later……

After modifying the search terms I found some other folk who had had similar problems and also removed the grommet altogether with no apparent problems but the ‘safe’ answer was spookily exactly what I’d ended up doing – turn that little sucker round! Seems that over-tightening stuff can result in pushing the grommet skirt way down into the ‘hot zone’{?} resulting in the bad, hot, dry hits.

Here are a couple of before and after coil photos on loan from the Web. Firstly, how he comes. Secondly, him-thing upside-down.  What can I say? It worked for me.

                      2014-05-04_194434  9Fhqu76

Hope this helps anyone who may encounter the same or similar problem at some time.

Quote;  William Gibson.

“When you want to know how things really work, study them when they're coming apart.”


Ripper said...

There have been a load of these coils sold which are defective Mac, the 'tube' bit at the top is only pressed on and sometimes they are loose. The grommet is meant to cover the join to prevent fluid from entering the burning chamber from anywhere other than through the wick. You might find that turning it upside down will be ok whilst in use but fluid will slowly fill the coil chamber while the electrofag is standing not in use. When cleaning before refilling the Protank, with the original base, look for a drop of fluid on the battery connector and clean this off. This is fluid that has leaked through from the wick when not in use but if you let it build up you will draw it through the mouthpiece. Then you will get a mouthful of raw fluid. I don't know myself since I've had no problems with a burning flavour, just my two pence worth.

I've noticed that the coils sold in the green TECC boxes tend to be defective, from a pack of 5 I've had 3 bad ones that give very little vapour and have come apart when screwed in, so I'm buying the same coils in the black Kanger box which I've had no problems with so far.

About tightening things too tight - there is knurling around the base of the Protank and its easy to overtighten, whereas the airflow control valve has no knurling so is much better. The screw thread has a silicon ring around it so only needs pinching up to tighten.

Mac said...

Thanks for the further info.
I went through your suggestions and found nothing at all untoward. Battery clean, coils from a black box but I did check build - seem cool. No fluid leaks at all when on, off, on its side or upside-down All I can say is I had the ‘burn’ and reversing the grommet worked instantly - for whatever reason. Thanks again.