7 May 2014

And Then, An Extended Day Out….

Further to that bit about some old guy being sentenced to eight years that could be as long as four years, it’s interesting to see that another guy who got a lot o’  time but was enjoying a day out has, surprisingly, disappeared.

This naughty guy, nicknamed, The Skull Cracker, was serving thirteen consecutive life sentences so I’m guessing he’s a tad naughtier than the other old guy.

The Skull Cracker? Serving thirteen consecutive life sentences? And he was in an open prison and allowed ‘away-days’? Is this for real or something from Comedy Playhouse?
”Yo Gov! I’m just popping into town for a pack o’ smokes an’ a couple o’ DVD’s, okay? Anything you want?”
”No thanks; I’m fine. You want the car keys?”
”Nah, it’s a nice day – I’ll walk to the station…. er, store.”
”Cool. Be good. Hay, don’t be late back; it’s your favourite for tea tonight. Gammon steaks with cauliflower cheese.”
”Yeah, right!”

Never fear as The chair of the Parole Board has defended prisoners’ right to day release. Sir David Calvert Smith, yup, he’s another Sir, said temporary release is an “essential” part of a prisoner's integration into society… Integration into society?

Let’s do those bits again Sir David Calvert Smith; ‘thirteen consecutive life sentences’ and ‘a prisoner's integration into society’. Sir David old boy, you know what you should’ve done first? You should’ve looked-up ‘consecutive’, ‘life’ and ‘sentence’ before you said out loud that bit about ‘integrating into society’. You understand now how gooney it sounds? Sir David Calvert Smith, you are aware of that very old saying, right? Practice makes you look less of a prat.

Unless you’re right of course and, like the other old guys sentence, thirteen consecutive life sentences isn’t quite what it would seem to suggest……

STOP PRESS;- "… arrested on suspicion of being unlawfully at large." There you go! Unlawfully at large. Sounds so much cooler than ‘escaped’ does it not.

Before I stop typing, and while on a sort of legal/illegal subject, get over to Vapingpoint for a good read.

Quote;  Groucho Marx.

“When you're in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, 'Damn, that was fun'.”


A K Haart said...

I wonder if the name "Skull Cracker" gave Sir David any kind of clue as well? Seems not.

Mac said...

That's a very good point and one I unfortunately missed although, in my defense, I'm not a Sir.