11 May 2014

And Then A Small Post….

You’re probably wondering why I’ve asked you all here today. Well, it’s just to let you know I’m busy so won’t be typing anything of any import for a few more days. On reflection, did I ever? Type anything of any import that is.

I was going to put this out there last night but, just in time, realised you’d all be sitting totally  riveted  by that Eurovision Song thingy thus would have no time to read stuff. I did like the comment left somewhere relating to the winner.
Thank you Dalek_Dave Brian;
The last time an Austrian with amusing facial hair overwhelmed Europe was 1939.  How did that turn out?”

Fortuitously, it’s also raining rather heavily so I’m not missing a lot outside. Ol’ Big Shiny definitely hasn’t got his hat on. Oh boy. Whatever happened to all the fun in the world? What are ‘they’ trying to turn us into? How can we stop them? Where did I just read this today, “One finger can be broken - five fingers are a fist."

Anyhoo, my little nest of vipers is now far, far, far away and thus I’m, like, totally project focused, innit.

Actually, on the morning of her departure we were notified by e-mail that the flight was cancelled owing to inclement weather in Amsterdoom. The mail stated that alternative flights were being sourced and we’d be notified shortly. Needless to say, ‘shortly’ was a no-show so the telephone reluctantly came into play.

I won’t bore you with the phone adventure as I’m sure, nay, I know, you’ve all been the victim of that popular phone fun game comprising their two hundred computers verses your one keypad using the first hundred thousand digits of pi, in any order, usually followed by, “I’m sorry; I didn’t understand. Please try again when you’ve calmed down a tad. Call terminated.”.

However, after two hours, I kid you not, two hours, of talking computers – no hint of a listening one, pi codes, closed offices, ‘We are unable to deal with your request at this time’ and keypad errors, a human eventually, by design or mistake I know not, answered a call and from there-on the process proved ridiculously easy and it took no more than five minutes, human to human – okay, human to me -  to reschedule her flights for the very next day and the new e-ticket hit the ‘incoming’ box before I’d hung up. Voice to voice verses keypads in the clouds? No contest.

Quote;  Haruki Murakami.

“I shouted into the phone, but there was no reply. Silence floated up from the receiver like smoke from the mouth of a gun.”

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