26 May 2014

And Then, That’s It….

The EU elections? They’re over. That’s it. It’s done. Although the BBC seem to have it all on a perpetually repeating loop.

Seems that ‘fringe protest’ party of fruit-cakes and swivel-eyed loons did pretty damn well eh? Although you wouldn’t believe so listening to the leaders and senior members of the main parties who are, like the BBC, on a continually repeating party line loop. Glad to hear they’re all ‘listening’ now though; although it’s debatable if ‘the man’ will allow any new ideas here…….. and that’s a cold fact.

But sadly, the runaway winners, with an impressive 60+% turn-in, where those who didn’t/don’t give a fat rats ass.

Quote;  Larry J. Sabato.

“Every election is determined by the people who show up.”

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