29 May 2014

And Then, A Little Note….

Just in case I’ve been missed, fear not. I’m alive and kicking although so tired there’s not much of a kick in me. On the upside there is indeed a glimmer down there and the last lap is only about six laps away, assuming I don’t get any more of those, “Whoa! Didn’t see that coming!” moments at the start of any of the remaining laps.

While I’m awake, please go over here and effortlessly send a letter to that nice Mr Cummerbund relating to cigarette ‘plain’ packaging. Don’t worry if you don’t smoke as, trust me, if they get away with this one, more of the same on anything that takes their fancy will follow in right short order and, before too long, shopping will become a very grey box affair to make our grey days even greyer.

‘They’ ignored a petition, when this subject first reared its ugly head, with some 420,000 objections to the proposal. Let’s see how many good people  ‘they’ ignore this time…… Listening Dave? Coffee ready? I believe it is as I can smell it from way over here old boy.

Quote;  George Orwell.

“Winston was gelatinous with fatigue.”


Caratacus said...

I'm sure that Mrs Cameron's little boy can hear us ... whether he's listening is a different matter entirely. Depends on what orders he's had from his masters, I suppose :-)

Hope you're feeling ... recovered. As a revered Major Miles once said to a young 2nd Lt who had asked, somewhat ungallantly, why he was in sick bay, "Nothing that fourteen baths a day won't cure, young man".

Mac said...

Thanks for the recovery smile! Yup, I'll get there eventually, it's just that I battle on and on and refuse to admit I'm not a pup anymore. But, you know what? These projects have taught me one very important lesson; I'm not a pup anymore.