14 Apr 2014

And Then Willy Gets Wound Up….

So the Ukraine  is still bubbling along, or as the BBC would have us believe about to kick-off and doom us all – unless global warming gets us first of course.

To go along with that, below is a graphic unashamedly lifted from Captain Ranty who has it on loan from elsewhere. Ooops!  There’ll be a slight delay as I now find I haven’t yet lifted it…… Okay, here it is!!


Wee Willy Vague is now like, totally loosing it with those pesky Russians innit, and has called for, "……a clear and united international response" with a new and even stronger wave of hard-hitting economic sanctions.

It seems the general consensus, which I discovered alone, all by myself and on my own, after a brief trip round the Web, is that any further and ‘tougher economic sanctions’ are likely to hurt many EU member countries rather than the Big Bear. As plans go, that one looks like a bit of a bummer eh Willy? 

Irrespective of those Ruskys involvement in any pot stirring or not, can you boys down in the COBRA hole hear that noise coming from way over there east the way? What? Tanks rolling? Nah – it’s uncontrollable laughter.

Say, Billy, you familiar with the old adage, engage brain before opening mouth? A tad late now Mr Vague, but worth noting for the future.

Then we have the news, via Dick Puddlecote, that the WHO….. the WHO? I could only think of an aging rock band but that didn’t jive with the article but dumb as I be I finally figured it to be the World Health Organisation. Actually, on a second read, the clue is in the first sentence.  Who be they then? Never mind, they’ve ‘decided’ that electric cigarettes will be classed as tobacco.  So there you go, governments the world over will be breathing a huge sigh of relief and calculating the max tax they can now glue on ‘em.

The health aspect? You’re kidding, right? What’s that got to do with money? Remember the old quote I’ve quoted before? The bottom’s full of wonderful people – only cream and assholes rise. How true.

Quote;  George Santayana.

"Words are weapons, and it is dangerous . . .  to borrow them from the arsenal of the enemy."


A K Haart said...

As far as I can see as a non-smoker, e-cigs are endangering the health of control-freaks.

Their heads seem to be exploding with bile as they try to cope with a version of smoking which isn't unhealthy.

Mac said...

There’s a lot to be lost I guess. Pharma with their quit aids, which seem to have extremely poor success rates thus a high return rate, big tobacco companies with declining sales, governments seeing dramatically shrinking tax takes, more fake charities than you can shake a stick at and, as you say, the public health nutters who just can’t handle the concept of, comparatively, ‘safe smoking’ and just see it as a threat to the mainstay of their lucrative sinecures that could be rendered totally unnecessary. So what's the game? Money? Sure. Control? You’d better believe it! Health? I’ll have to get back to you on that one......