24 Apr 2014

And Then I Get Tanked….

I haven’t written anything for a few days and the reason for that is quite simple; I haven’t written anything for a few days.

You’re probably wondering how I’m managing to type so beautifully, me being tanked up an’ all. The reason is quite simple; the tank I’m talking about is a vaping tank. Ripper? If you pass-by you’ll no doubt be delighted to learn I got the kit you were so good to describe and recommend. You know what? Spot on my friend! Thank you. Didn’t get the ‘pass-through’ but two regular batteries to handle the charging thingy. Hay, I may type some stupid stuff but, as they say, down there for dancing, right?

The liquid? Playing and trying right now and found nothing too savage but I’m waiting for the special one that’ll shout out loud, “Yo!! Foggy!! Morning! How’s that juice goin’ down with your first coffee Y’all?” and that’ll be the one.

Any regrets? Only one. I sure wish this sort o’ kit’d been around forty years ago. Having said that, if it had been around forty years ago they’d most likely have been banned, or priced into oblivion, thirty years ago……

On reflection, it seems to this old guy that the grown-ups who were in charge of stuff back then had fairly good measures of common sense  unlike the grown-ups-in-charge-of-stuff we have now. I also seem to remember there was far less stuff for anybody to get to be in charge of in those days, so maybe, just maybe, they would’ve survived. 

This present nutter fixation for over-regulating at best or banning e-cigarettes all together, a possible – strike that - a definite life-saver, will be nothing short of an act of criminality on the part of the nutters and all who sanction the idea and would be, to me, akin to putting the lifejackets on cruise ships under lock and key.

Quote;  Mark Twain.

“Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident; the only earthly certainty is oblivion.”


Ripper said...

Indeed I am passing by, as I do most days.

It was my pleasure Mac, and a small token of appreciation for the entertainment that the 'silly things' you write bring to me. Thank you for the feedback on the kit, its good to know when one's experiences benefit others too.

Ripper said...

By the way, try the Totally Wicked Titan Fluid, in the red box. It won't blow your kneecaps off, none of them do but the flavours are the nicest out there. Hint: get it from the Totally Wicked site, they regularly include it in the yoyo prices and it can be really cheap.

Mac said...

Thanks right back at ya! It's gratifying to know I can generate the occasional smile out there. It's either laugh or cry - and life's too short for crying.
I'll definitely try the Wicked liquid. Thanks again.