7 Feb 2014

And Then Two Places To Visit….

Even as I type I know I’m way behind you lot with these two places of interest. So why bother?  Just in case.

The first spot, with thanks to Bishop Hill who got there via Frack-Land, is a site set up by Cuadrilla. This interactive, panoramic site is worth a visit if you’re considering packing your eco friendly knap-sack and knickers in the near future and taking off to do a tad of protesting. You could possibly pick your prime protest point.  You know what? Thinking ahead, when it’s all done, I’ll bet those ‘filthy’  drillers leave their work site as clean as it was  the day before they arrived. Whereas the protesters…...


I got to the second site via No Tricks Zone and it’s a real-time global weather system view. All the usual mouse clicky bits work for zooming an’ moving an’ stuff like that. Click on your home and the little box at the bottom – bottom! He, He, He. Stop it!! Grow up!! The box shows  that locations present wind speed. How cool is that then? As a note of interest, you see that really big twirly-whirly thingy at the left of the screen capture? Seems Him Thing Big Fella Huff an’ Puff doth this way come……


One thing though. It’s pretty obvious to us of an observant nature that this computer program was put together some time ago. At least before that global warming took off big time. How can you tell? Well, take a closer look. See it? On their map Somerset is still shown as terra firma and not, as it actually now is, a really, really big lake.

And over at Guido Fawkes drum is a ‘lovely’ video clip with a far more lovely swift hit below by one Patrick Wintour ; PM has arrived in Somerset to examine the floods, and bring back the remains of Lord Smith. How I did chuckle.

Quote;  Martin Luther King Jr.

“We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear.”

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