14 Feb 2014

And Then A Treat….

So I said to my little nest of vipers that I’d treat her to lunch, it being Valentines day an’ all.
”That be good.” She perked up. “You come too?”
I didn’t have a suitably cutting and witty response ready for that one. Never-the-less, t
his offer seemed to get her visibly excited and I felt like I’d done good.

A few hours later her excitement was most definitely less visible as I pulled into a nearby McDonalds to become part of the orderly queue at the drive-through.

The McDonald first-aider who, to comply with NHS and McDonalds guidelines was dressed as a clown, seemed to think my nose would heal fairly straight - so that’ll be an improvement.

Quote;  Bryan Norford.

“I'm going to get something from the salad bar. Do you want a Frosty from Wendy's, Alex?”


Ripper said...

My poem (from somewhere interwebby long ago) didn't go down too well either..

Cupid fired my arrow
directly at your heart
But you turned my lass
And it hit your ass
And caused my love to fart

Straight and true that arrow flew
Into my lover's crack
Well, I guess its fine
if you won't be mine
But can I have my arrow back?

Mac said...

Remember this?
I shoot my arrows in the air,
They come to earth I know not where.
I loose all my arrows like that....