12 Feb 2014

And Then A Hardhat Speaks….

For those out there who are using Windows 8.1 you may, or may not know, that in the very near future Microsoft will be releasing an update they’ve catchily called Windows 8.1 Update 1. So all you people out there who consider it a nuisance to have to live with three feet of water in the  downstairs bit, winds on the way that may remove the upstairs bit, please spare a thought to the poor folk who will soon be facing, through no fault of their own, the trauma of another Windows update. Many would probably happily live in a roofless dwelling with four foot of foul water downstairs  rather than have to face another round of impenetrably complex Microsoft mind games.

Also, I can only imagine how gladly the news was received yesterday, by all those same poor folk who’ve been flooded out of their homes and businesses, when Call Me Dave In-A-Hat-I-Am-I-Am announced that money’s no object.

What a difference a day makes! It’s now been confirmed that yesterday the microphone, through a non-flood related technical fault, failed to pick up all the words that dripped, honey-like, from the lips of Call Me Dave In-A-Hat-I-Am-I-Am.

              “Storms? Bring it on! I’m in charge! I laugh in your face! 
                         Then I’m going home. Can I keep the hat?”

For those poor flooded out folk the feeling’s have changed from ‘gladly’ to ‘sadly’ as the full text of the now infamous ‘money’s no object’ quote has been made available.
”Money’s no object. Unless, of course, you need some but don’t
have any.”

It’s sad to note that there’s absolutely no mention of any help, from whatever quarter, for those about to attempt the Windows 8.1 Update 1 update.

Quote;  ??

"Failure is not an option - it comes bundled with Windows."

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