14 Dec 2013

And Then We Have A Hit….

That nice young lad Nick Clegg has stated he’s never hit his children but isn’t going to criticize any parents wot have or do.

Actually, I don’t believe this is the issue. The question isn’t if Nicky hits his kids or not it’s more to do with what Nicks mummy and daddy did to Nick, right?  I have to say that when I listen to the lad I sometimes end up thinking Nicks folks didn’t hit him often enough and nowhere near hard enough.  At other times you get distinct feeling he was quite possibly hit round the head far too many times and way, way too hard.

Talking of the EU and and Scotland, which we weren’t, you’ve got to like this idea from EUReferendum.  Just further proof that simple is almost always best.

As for getting ready for Christmas I’m guessing you’re all way behind schedule, as indeed am I, owing to being riveted to your TV for the past, what is it now, three months? by that far away dude dying. And it’s rolling relentlessly on even as I type.

And this is just one of those stories you occasionally run into and think to yourself, “Damn!! Wish I’d got there first.”  Sadly I didn’t so all I can do Is loan a little bit of it and point you to  our favourite Underdog for the full SP.

A vicar has declared that it is just silly to believe in Santa. Nobody sensible would believe in someone they cannot see and cannot prove exists, he said… and I wonder if he has even yet had that ‘uh-oh’ moment.’

When the good vicar does finally have that ‘uh-oh’ moment, as surely he must, he hasn’t left himself a whole hell of a lot of wriggle room has he?

To conclude, just when you were ready to kick-off and enjoy your weekend I go and do this. {Is that a scary photo or wot?} Looks and acts a little like this guy – and we all know one…..

Quote;  Dick Gregory.

“I never believed in Santa Claus because I knew no white dude would come into my neighbourhood after dark.”

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